At PHM Survey Equipment, we believe you should get your equipment calibrated at least once a year, even if there is nothing apparently at fault. We perform a complete diagnostic workover, mechanical and electronic calibrations, and a final check on our permanent baseline, all to ensure your instrument is performing at its rated accuracy.

While we specialize in Nikon surveying equipment, we have extensive experience in calibrating a wide range of measurement devices from any manufacturer. We offer quick turn-around times at a fixed rate on all dumpy and laser levels.

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to calibrate my system if there is nothing wrong with it?”  We have two answers:

Answer #1:  While most instruments provide users with a simple calibration procedure that is easily performed in the field, it cannot account for certain eccentricities that may have arisen due to regular use and transportation. PHM performs a full regiment of electronic, optical and mechanical checks and calibrations in horizontal and vertical planes. Our precision, large-apperture, Nikon collimator is self-checking, eliminating cumulative errors from our procedures. PHM endeavours to return all instruments back to their intended accuracy so that you can be confident your clients are receiving your best work.

Answer #2:  According to the National Measurement Act of 1960 and the New South Wales Surveying Regulation 2006, professional registered surveyors are required by law to have their distance measuring systems checked once per year. Government legislation mandates that professional surveyors perform checks on state baselines immediately after any service or repair.

PHM Survey Equipment gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on delivering your client's designs, quickly and accurately. Some of our precision tools are shown below including our Nikon Collimator Set, Nikon Autocollimator, Nikon Encoder Microscope, and our Tektronix TDS3034, 4 channel, digital storage oscilloscope.

Nikon Collimator SetNikon AutocollimatorNikon Encoder MicroscopeTektronix TDS3034