DML2000-XR Magnetic Locator

DML2000-XR Magnetic Locator Special

DML2000-XR magnetic locator survey equipment essential top view

dml2000-XR magnetic locator survey equipment side view

dml2000-XR magnetic locator survey equipment side view

The DML2000-XR is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art locator that is highly reliable and user-friendly. There are only two controls and one switch, so it does not take long to become comfortable in using the locator.  Just toggle the On/Off switch, adjust the volume control for a comfortable signal level, and set the sensitivity control to one of three settings. The instrument is highly durable with the minimum of movable parts. To learn more about the DML2000-XR magnetic locator, you can visit the Dunham & Morrow website.
Durable American Design
  • The latest fluxgate magnetometer for precision locating and sensitivity.
  • Outstanding sensitivity at depths of up to 3 meters
  • Top mounted controls ensure greater protection from damage
  • Rugged design allows for operation under the most demanding field conditions.
  • 350mm long, 170mm wide and 60mm high when packed in included hard carry case.
  • Uses two AA batteries, providing 100 hours of operation.
  • Low-Battery LED indicator light will warn you when the instrument only has 20 hours of power remaining.
  • Ultra Light design weighing only 0.73 kilos
  • 7 YEAR warranty

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