Ashtech ProMark 3 RTK

Ashtech ProMark3 RTK shown with hand held device

ProMark 3 RTK offers complete real-time GNSS surveying and mobile mapping capabilities on an innovative platform at a remarkably affordable price. Ashtech's embedded BLADE technology, a patented GNSS processing solution, enables ProMark 3 RTK to outperform other single-frequency RTK receivers, granting real-time performance in the most lightweight handheld system on the market.
Marketing Leading Technology and Innovative Design
The ProMark 3 RTK delivers centimetre accuracy for real-time and post-processing surveys and mapping operations. With BLADE technology built in the ProMark 3 RTK is feature rich, precise and reliable. Also, all Ashtech products come with FREE firmware and software upgrades for the LIFE of the instrument, something our competitors enjoy charging for.

The ProMark 3 RTK is fully customisable to every surveyor's needs with many different GPS solutions available:

  • ProMark 3 RTK System: Base + Rover with radio communications offers an all-inclusive solution for surveyors who prefer to work solo at a jobsite.
  • ProMark3 RTK in Network: The Rover only setup can be connected to a real-time network with a Bluetooth connection to a cellular phone.
  • Promark 3 also available as a basic Rover unit
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