Ashtech Promark 100

Ashtech Promark 100

The Promark 100 builds on the features of the MobileMapper 100, adding an external antenna, essential Ashtech Promark Field software and enabling post-processing of collected data to greatly improve measurement accuracy.

Ashtech aims to provide the most open and versatile package possible, running on a Windows Mobile 6.5 platform and providing Promark Field software, the Promark 100 makes performing static, post-processed or RTK surveys simple. Promark 100 users will benefit from a modern, high-speed processor, abundance of RAM, Wifi option, Bluetooth and 3MP digital camera, all in a tough, compact housing. Using a second Promark 100 unit will enable base and rover RTK surveys so you can perform accurate surveys without the need for expensive subscription services. The Promark 100 is very attractively priced and unique in it's application of single-frequency GNSS surveys.

In keeping with Ashtech's renowned flexibility and support, the Promark 100 can be upgraded to Promark 200 specifications with simple software codes and optional dual-frequency external antennae.

Complete GNSS platform in your pocket
  • 45 parallel channels receiving GPS L1, GLONASS and SBAS signals
  • Code and Phase measurements of signals improve accuracy
  • BLADE engine ensures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and robust signal tracking.
  • Upto 20Hz data output rate for high speed collection
  • 806MHz processor and 256MB SDRAM
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 and Office Mobile application suite
  • Built in quad band cellular modem
  • Docking station with serial RS232, USB 2.0 and 2nd battery charging
  • Free software and firmware updates for the life of the device
  • Promark 100 brochure (1.6MB)
  • More info at

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