Ashtech ProFlex Lite

Ashtech ProMark 500

The ProFlex Lite and ProFlex Lite Duo cater to the marine and machine control market. An affordable alternative to the ProFlex 500, the ProFlex Lite still offers the same high accuracy positioning with a range of options covering GPS, GLONASS and many communication options. With an IP67 housing and convenient mounting points, the ProFlex Lite is designed as an easy to integrate GNSS navigation solution.

If you need to precisely control or read headings, pitch or roll, you can't find a better solution than the ProFlex Lite Duo. With two independent, 75 channel receivers in one housing and using two antennae at a fixed separation distance, the ProFlex Lite Duo can calculate heading in real-time to a tenth of a degree. Alternatively, you can use the ProFlex Lite Duo as a fault tolerant solution, processing two RTK vectors off a single antenna. Also, all Ashtech products come with FREE firmware and software upgrades for the LIFE of the instrument, something our competitors enjoy charging for.

Unique and powerful solution to your machine control needs
  • 2 x 75 channel GNSS receivers receiving GPS, GLONASS and SBAS
  • BLADE technology for full benefit of any available GNSS corrections
  • Upto 20Hz data output rate for high speed collection
  • IP67 rated to withstand the harshest environments and abuse
  • Rugged connectors
  • Protected against over-voltage and reverse polarity
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